OCI & Punchout

OCI and Punchout offer a quick, simple connection between your ERP system and our Online Shop. Benefit from automated data transfers and less manual efforts.

Process orders directly within your ERP system

The Kloeckner OCI and Punchout function is the ideal solution to use your ERP system for online purchases. Simply connect you ERP system with the Kloeckner Online Shop and make order directly without having to manually enter data twice. All relevant information will automatically be exchanged between the systems. Using OCI enables you to take advantage of all Kloeckner Online Shop functionalities. Collect items in your cart and place your order as usual. All order information will be transmitted to your ERP system. Save time and energy and make your purchasing process more efficient.

Your benefits:

  • Order directly from your ERP system
  • No manual entry of data
  • More efficient purchasing process and less manual labour
  • Errorless data transmission
  • Set up digital approval processes

What is OCI?

OCI stands for Open Catalogue Interface and is an open and standardised catalogue interface for the exchange of catalogue data between ERP systems. This interface is often called Punchout as the ERP system redirects users to our Online Shop to complete an order. This way orders are entered and conducted directly within your ERP system.

Three steps to an OCI connection with Kloeckner

  1. Setup a new catalogue within your ERP system
  2. Set an entry point at: https://shop.kloeckner.de/oci4/entrypoint
  3. Define important parameters

You have questions or would like setup an OCI connection? We will gladly support you. Simply get in touch.

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