Increased accuracy and efficiency thanks to automatic data transfers with the Kloeckner API.

More efficient processing with an API

Use the Kloeckner API to connect your website, applications, programmes, suppliers and customers. Significantly reduce manual labour by avoiding the double entry of data into two ERP systems. This helps speed up internal processes and reduces costs. Use the Kloeckner API to connect different data sources thereby simplifying the handling of data and reducing the possibility for errors.

Kloeckner API advantages:

  • Real time prices and products in your own software
  • Configure and integrate custom features such as mobile apps
  • Direct orders via the Kloeckner Online Shop
  • Direct connection between stockholding facilities and customers
  • Integrated product and pricing data for a more consistent data pool

Product API

The Product API showcases Kloeckner product categories and allows you to download one or more selected products within a specific category. View all product attributes, names, descriptions, materials and more in one place. Receive detailed information on all Kloeckner products.

Price API

The Price API showcases current product prices. View your individual prices, bulk prices and discounts. All prices are updated daily and automatically adapted by your account managers.

Cart API

Use the cart API to place direct orders via the Kloeckner Online Shop. Products, customer specific pricing and quantity discounts are taken into consideration to provide you with the best possible offer according to your conditions. An order confirmation is automatically sent to you via email upon purchase.


Thanks to the Kloeckner API our customers can find materials that match their project requirements quickly and easily. View current prices, reduce maintenance costs and speed up processing using the Kloeckner API.


Being one of the leading ERP systems, we constantly thrive to discover new paths to supply our customers with the best software solutions. Kloeckner API is an ideal solution to automate the data exchange between Sage and Kloeckner. Customers will draw a significant competitive advantage by implementing the Kloeckner API.

Flexibility and speed

The programmatic approach to using the Kloeckner API allows you to fully automate your processing. Tailor the application to suit your needs. We will help you implement interfaces that let you access information specifically tailored to your needs. Conduct data analyses and create reports using different data sources.

You would like to be the first to benefit from the Kloeckner API? If so, get in touch to take part in our Beta programme. With your feedback we thrive to provide an even greater competitive advantage. Have your questions answered directly by our specialist.

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